Core Rights, launched in early 2016, is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and is supported by strategic investors and funding from its founder. Core Rights is the future of music licensing, large scale analytics, and metadata cleansing - delivered now. For multiple industry segments Core Rights creates greater efficiency and deeper market value for rights holders, creators, and licensees. Core Rights builds and delivers digital marketplaces powering entire country licensing needs, deploying advanced technology (e.g. blockchain and machine learning), as well as integrating new solutions into existing rights management systems. Primary products are MLX (a music licensing marketplace platform), PDQLeads (a predictive discovery and qualification service for licensing leads), and the upcoming Intelligent Metadata Services suite.
Core Right's offers a variety of products and services for the future of music licensing. These include the MLX Platform, PDQ Leads tools, and a host of new technology focused on metadata and general licensing.

Core Rights delivers MLX and PDQLeads based products for large scale rights administration companies in multiple countries in the global music marketplace.  Metadata cleansing services are provided for publishers, labels, and administration companies - managing and cleaning title and track data, participant, member data, licensee and licensing data, etc.

Primary corporate resources, musicologists, product development are based in Nashville, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois in the US.  Core Rights works on a global scale with project management and execution resources in Europe, India, Canada, and the United States.

IP licensing solutions, leveraging blockchain and AI/ML are provided in broader IP markets, such as publishing services customers.

Core Rights is looking to add the following team members:
• TensorFlow Developer
• IBM Hyperledger Fabric Developers
• Senior Musicologists
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